Content Strategy: If your brand is looking to build a strong content strategy from the ground up, I can deliver a full plan to establish a voice, cadence and editorial process and calendar, as well as help with staffing. I’ve completed Foundation Training in Marketo, so can also coordinate with your marketing team. READ MORE

Media Training: I’ve been on both sides of the camera and digital recorder. I can offer my insights based on years of real-life experience to help you prepare for either general interaction with the press or a particular interview or campaign. READ MORE

Project Management: For larger undertakings, I can put together a team, come up with a creative editorial pitch, oversee the creation of the content, and act as a liaison with all internal and external stakeholders. READ MORE

Strategic Communications: Together, we can assess your editorial needs at regular intervals, and I can quickly turn around opportunistic thought-leadership content to build your brand. READ MORE

Writing & Editing: Fashion. Celebrities. Diets. Consumer Products. Technology. From blog posts and features to case studies and e-books, I’ve written and edited a wide range of content on a myriad of topics. My expertise lies in creating a compelling narrative, no matter the subject, that will help bolster your brand’s voice. READ MORE