SERVICES: Writing & Editing

Fashion. Celebrities. Diets. Entrepreneurs. Technology. During my years at TIME and PEOPLE, I worked in just about every section of both magazines, writing and editing stories on all of these topics  and more. Natural disasters, European politics, theater reviews, human-interest stories: You name it. My job, in large part, was to learn something new with every assignment I took on. In order to tell the story to the magazines’ mass audience, I did deep research, conducted interviews and generally immersed myself in the subject matter.

As the music editor at PEOPLE during Britney Spears’ breakdown in 2007-8, I read countless legal documents from her conservatorship case, and to this day I can still tell you all you need to know about California’s 5150 legislative code regarding involuntary psychiatric holds. (I was even identified as a “Britney expert” on TV once, but that’s a whole other story.)

More recently, as a consultant, I’ve written and edited a wide range of content: case studies about cloud-native infrastructure, shopping guides for new moms, an e-book about content delivery networks, feature articles on rock stars who died at age 27. As you can imagine, each project required a different tone and approach. My natural curiosity about people and their stories and how things work and my well-honed ability to craft narratives allow me to cover all sorts of topics for all sorts of readers. My expertise lies in understanding the audience and telling a compelling story, no matter the subject, that will bolster your brand’s voice.

For years, I worked with weekly deadlines for magazines and much, much shorter ones when covering breaking news for With those journalistic skills practically embedded in my DNA, I can turn around content quickly, effectively and accurately. (I was a fact-checker at the beginning of my career, and that’s in my DNA too.)