SERVICES: Media Training

Over the course of my career, I’ve been on both sides of the camera and digital recorder. As a writer and editor, I’ve asked celebrities questions that were probing (Did you ever confront your best friend after she had an affair with your husband?) and mundane (What’s in your makeup bag?). As a novelist and sometime subject of my own story, I’ve answered my share of personal questions, though perhaps not quite that personal. And while representing PEOPLE on television hundreds of times as a pop-culture expert, I quickly learned how to be uber-prepared for every possible line of questioning and still able to think (and quip!) on my feet.

I can offer my insights based on years of real-life experience to help you prepare for either general interaction with the press or a particular interview or campaign. Applying my journalist’s instincts, I will draw out the best anecdotes in order for you to tell your story in a compelling way, and develop talking points for you to stay on message. I can work with you to craft responses for tricky questions you expect to get as well as anticipate some other potential stumbling blocks you might not foresee. And quite simply, I will help you get comfortable with being in a room with a reporter and a recorder or camera in front of you. (Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.) As a bonus, I’m a former fashion reporter, so I can help you pick out what clothes to wear on-air too!