SERVICES: Project Management

For larger content undertakings, I can put together a team, come up with a creative editorial pitch, oversee the creation of the content to make sure it meets your needs and our standards, and act as a liaison with all internal and external stakeholders.

When I was a magazine editor, this was my bread and butter. I found it incredibly satisfying to manage projects from the kernel of an idea through to its publication, putting together and working with teams to make sure everyone understood the goals, stayed on track and yes, improve upon it as we hurtled toward the finish line. I have always run a tight ship as a manager, so budgets and deadlines are as important to me as they surely are to you.

Among the projects I’ve overseen outside of regular magazine stories: a PEOPLE-branded bookazine on Miley Cyrus, and The Hollywood Daily, an industry-oriented glossy broadsheet that was published for three days during Grammy weekend for several years.